We Value Common Goals


At Imperial Painting, our legacy is not the high quality work we do. It’s not the promises we keep or the standards we set. At Imperial Painting our Legacy is the connections we make with people every single day.

As we work with our customers, bonds are forged through overcoming obstacles together. At the end of each project, our objective is to have a satisfied customer who will be happy to recommend us to their associates, friends and family. But our ultimate goal is to have learned something that will help us better serve the next client.

We have an excellent team of skilled, professional painters with strong work ethic and a passion for what they do. But the most important asset they bring to work is a willingness to learn. We are constantly seeking new ways to help our staff become better leaders, not just in the workplace but at home and in their communities too.

We also believe it is a responsibility to give back to the communities that have helped us grow. That’s why we jump at the opportunity to sponsor the people and programs that are making a difference in our own neighborhoods. Our futures depends on the succesful collaboration of many people.

Yes we are a painting company. But we think of ourselves as a People company. That is our Legacy!