There Are No Limits


We are aware that past performance does not guarantee future success. While we are proud of our heritage we will never succumb to complacency. Instead, we are constantly looking forward with purpose. We invest in our greatest asset, People. With experienced leaders to guide us, supported by a strong management team and some of the best craftspeople in the industry, we are a formidable team, tasked with completing a variety of difficult projects on time, on budget and exceeding expectations, every time. But that is just the start.

We are on a mission to bring prosperity to our staff, our industry, our partners and our clients. We spare no effort to provide each of our customers with the best possible experience and a finished product that is second to none. We succeed when everyone delivers their best. That is why every person here takes great pride playing their part to the highest standards. Clear communication is integral to our success. Working here is fast. It demands technical excellence and teamwork. At times it calls for great reserves of motivation and resilience.

We are extremely proud of our team and always grateful for the efforts of each individual that make Imperial Painting a reputable company and a great place to work.