Save Water, Go Green


Imperial Painting has discovered a revolutionary way to keep your grass looking green all summer long. We use a product called LawnLift. It is an eco-friendly, organic dye with the absolute best true colour grass paint in the industry.

We can transform your dry, yellow grass and make it look healthy and green in a couple simple steps. Check out the pics below. To learn more, or purchase your own grass paint please click here to view the website.

Whether you are saving water at home but still want a great looking lawn, hosting a wedding, maintaining a golf course, filming a movie, selling your home, touching up dead cedars or dog spots on your lawn, Imperial Painting can take care of all of your grass painting needs.

Let Imperial Painting relieve you of any stress!
Let Imperial Painting relieve you of any stress!
Let Imperial Painting relieve you of any stress!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is LawnLift harmful to the grass?
A: LawnLift contains zero V.O.C.’s, no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other inert ingredients harmful to plant life, turf, humans or pets.

Q: Will my pet get sick if it eats grass that has been dyed with LawnLift?
A: LawnLift is not harmful to pets that have ingested grass treated with it.

Q: When it rains or when the grass is wet, will it run or rub off on shoes, clothes or pets?
A: Once LawnLift dries, it will not run, rub off on shoes, clothes or pets, even when it is wet.

Q: How long does it take for LawnLift to dry?
A: LawnLift is dry to the touch in about 10-45 minutes depending on the weather.

Q: How long will the colour last?
A: LawnLift can last between 2 weeks and 6 months depending on a multitude of factors including: weather, new growth, type of grass, mowing, condition of grass, etc. In most cases the product will last 3 months if not longer.

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