Cover Your Assets


Imperial Painting is committed to using the best products available to complete your project. All of the products we use, along with our application methods create lasting finishes that exceed MPI Standards everytime. However, it’s not that simple. There are many products available today that will achieve your desired result. To simplify this, we offer 3 product categories to help you choose the paint that is right for you: Premium, Premium Plus and Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Product Choices:

  • A. Premium:
    Our Premium line consists of handpicked products for each different surface we are painting. We know what will work best for your project. All of these products are a step above industry standards. If you select this product line you can be sure of amazing finishes and lasting durability.
    Cost: $50/gallon
  • B. Premium Plus:
    While our Premium line will make your space look amazing, our Premium Plus line consists of products that are designed to create more luxurious finishes. If you select this product line you can be sure that your paint will make a statement.
    Cost: $90/gallon
  • C. Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds):
    While all of the products we use are Low VOC, we offer Zero VOC paints for your project. Zero VOC paint has been available for many years. There are now products available that are Zero VOC, provide excellent coverage and lasting durability. This product line is great for anyone with respiratory challenges or anyone who is sensitive to paint fumes.
    Cost: $65/gallon
  • Note: All paint costs include taxes. There will be no additional charges for sundry items used. The total material cost of your project will simply be the number of gallons used at the rate selected.